If your aircon is regularly not bring out cold air, you just need to completely refill the gas to address this issue.

You will know if you system needs a complete chemical loading if you observe its inconsistent operation, or if it produces bad odour. A chemical overhaul is the greatest complete servicing alternative we provide, this is to be done once in a while.

Our expert engineers are qualified and skilled to repair and maintain your system following to appropriate guidelines.

A common servicing comprises of dismantling your cooling system from its hanging place. After that, it will be uncoupled and scrubbed with secure elements. We always make sure that cleaning is done after dismantling the cooling system.

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Our Commercial Servicing Rate

We offer a variety of fairly priced service options that cater to both residential and commercial clients. To ensure optimal aircon performance for your home or business, we recommend our annual Contract Servicing package.

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(9,000-15,000)BTU$150 Each Fancoil
(1,8000-2,8000 )BTU$180 Each Fancoil