Is your aircon not cold, leaking water, or having blinking lights? Your aircon can break down or freeze up because of over usage, broken parts and poor maintenance. This is especially so in Singapore where aircons are in use almost 24/7 due to the hot and humid weather all year round.

Contact us for fully qualified technicians who come down to examine and determine the fault. Once analysed, we will take necessary actions to get your cooling comfort back again, whilst keeping the process hassle-free and pleasant. We also have gas topping up services as requested.

Choose our 24-hour commercial aircon repair service with exemplary performance, and don’t settle for less. We fix problems across different aircon brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Call us now at +65 6261 0081 to find out more about our services.


Repair Services

Abnormal Noise
Aircon Auto On/Off
Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air
Friendly & Efficient Service
General Aircon Problems
Iced Cooling Coil
Water Leakage
Aircon Not Cold
Blinking Light
Compressor Not Running
Foul Odour Emissions


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  • No GST Charges
  • No Transportation Charges
  • $40 On-Site Diagnosis Fee (Waived when you engage our repair services)

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Our Repair Rate

Services charges vary depending on the job scope and costs for replacement components and parts. Contact us now for a free quotation!

Refrigerant / Gas Top Up Rate 

Base on how much PSI to Top up

R22 $60-$80
410A $80-$120